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Do More with Asian Studies! Our courses help prepare you to engage Asian societies, whether as a diplomat, an educator, or an entrepreneur, with a broader base of knowledge about the practices, lives and histories of the peoples in Asia

Check out the Course List for Spring 2018 for the variety of courses that count towards the Asian Studies minor.

The minor requires 18 hours of coursework, including two of the following four courses: ARH 254 Asian Art History, HY 113 (formerly HY 243) Asian Civilization to 1400, HY 114 (formerly HY 244) Asian Civilization since 1400, REL 220 Survey of Asian Religions. The remaining 12 hours are electives from among the lists of courses that qualify for Asian Studies. Six of those hours must be upper level courses. Minors should also take at least two semesters of a relevant language unless their course of study requires a non-Asian language. To review recent offerings, you can also access the course lists from previous semesters below.


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To review your progress towards a minor in Asian Studies, download this Asian Studies minor worksheet, and insert the courses that you have completed (but they cannot be courses that fulfill the hours for another major or minor).  Feel free to meet with the Director of Asian Studies (Steven Ramey) for assistance with a review of your courses and progress or for other advising assistance.