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The Art Design class, taught by Laura Lineberry, in Spring 2009 created logos for the revived Asian Studies Program.  The logo selected was created by Greer Borland.  The pamphlet for Asian Studies (to be printed over the summer) was designed through the collaboration of Melanie Kralovec and Rachel Litsky, along with Greer Borland.  Thanks to these students and the support of Laura Lineberry for their significant creative contribution to Asian Studies at UA.


HOME – Japanese rock garden in Hyogo prefecture**

ASIAN STUDIES AT UA -Teapots at a store in Guangzhou, China, February 2008.

PEOPLE – Applying Mehendi (Descorative skin staining using henna), Dakshina Chaitra, Chennai, India June 2005

COURSES – Northern Qi scholars collating classic texts. Handscroll, 27.6 x 114 cm (10 7/8 x 44 7/8 in.). Ink and color on silk, traditionally attributed to Yen Li-pen**

EVENTS – Procession to immerse image of Durga in a river to conclude Navratri, Lucknow, India, October 2001

RESOURCES – Tibetan prayer flags outside Karma temple, Singapore, July 2005

WHY STUDY ASIA? – Singapore skyline from Marina Bay, photo by Calvin Teo, May 2006 **

**Asterisked images were acquired from and are published here under the following:  GNU Free Documentation License and Creative Commons license (Singapore skyline).


The theme for the Asian Studies website was Sliding Door, created by wayneconnor and available from