Course in Japanese aesthetics

Photo of Zen garden

Would you like the opportunity to explore examples of Japanese aesthetics? In Spring 2019 JA 390 Japanese Special Topics, a class on Japanese culture that is taught in English (Japanese language proficiency is unnecessary), will discuss a range of topics related to Japanese art, the tea ceremony, religions (Buddhism and Shinto), music and literature (mainly the Tale of Genji and Heike Monogatari). Beyond Asian Studies and Japanese students, the class will interest visual and performing art students as well as religious studies students.

Some of the aesthetics that the class will cover are Wabi-Sabi, Mono no Aware, Jo-Ha-Kyu, Ma, Miyabi, Shibui, Iki, Yugun, Geido, and Kawaii, but students do not need to know those terms before entering the class. The class will also discuss symbolism in the theater (Kabuki and Noh) and Japanese folk (minzoku) versus classical music (hogaku) elements.

This course can count towards the Asian Studies minor and the Japanese minor along with upper level hours in Arts & Sciences, depending on the needs of a student.

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Photo credit: By Hariboneagle927 [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons