Courses for Fall 2016

Before you go through advising, look through our expanded list of courses that focus on Asia in Fall 2016. Arabic, including ARB 301, can count as an Asian Studies language, and we have new courses with new faculty in English and Religious Studies. If you are interested new courses on China, take Dr. Luo’s Modern China Since 1600. If your interests move towards Japan, take Prof. Ikeuchi’s Religion and the Formation of National Identity (REL 373) that focuses on modern Japan and the Japanese diaspora. If you are interested in literature and narrative, you can choose from Traditional Chinese Literature in Translation (CHI 350), Traditional Japanese Literature in Translation (JA 356), Postcolonial Conditions (EN 367), Addicts, Hustlers, and Exiles in World Literature (EN 411), or Tales from Asia (REL 322).

We also have a number of courses that satisfy core requirements along with Asian Studies courses, including HY 113 (History), REL 220 (Humanities), and REL 322 and REL 351 (Writing). You can do more with Asian Studies.


UPDATE: Note the time change for CRL 201 Arabian Nights to MW 2:00-3:15