East Asian Art lecture

Tuesday, Oct 1, 6:30 pm, Ferguson Center Great Hall

Meditations on Ink: 

Identities and Expressions in East Asia

Asian Studies Lecture by

Aida Yuen Wong

Nathan Cummings and Robert B. and Beatrice C. Mayer Chair in Fine Arts

Professor of Fine Arts, and East Asian Studies

Brandeis University





Stimulated by a recent exhibition of the painter and industrial designer Minol Araki at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, this talk explores the adaptability of ink aesthetics to multiple identities and expressions in East Asia. As a Manchurian-born Japanese artist who studied with the preeminent Chinese master in Taiwan–Zhang Daqian–in the 1970s, Araki invites reflections on those aspects of ink painting (play, abstraction, calligraphism, and transculturalism) that have made this classical art form appealing to the modern eye. In addition, the talk will introduce technical and stylistic innovations since World War II which anticipate the conceptualism of contemporary “ink art.”


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