Korea-America Student Conference

Join 50 other students from the U.S. and Korea for a month of cultural exchange, travel and fun!

This is a chance for an awesome culture and career filled summer!

Meet leaders and students that will improve your career network in this unique student-led cultural and academic exchange which will host its 3rd annual program next summer. Students will discuss their research on topics of bilateral and global interest and enjoy prominent speakers in the month-long conference.

The theme for the third Korea-America Student Conference held July 12 – August 12, 2010, will be “Learning from the past, while working in the present toward the future of U.S.-Korea relations.”

Today, the Republic of Korea and the United States work as partners on issues ranging from trade agreements and nuclear threats to education and technology. As this alliance continues to develop and change, KASC will ensure students play an active role as they prepare to become the next generation of leaders.

Since KASC is student-run, participants this summer have the unique opportunity to run for election to the student Executive Committee to plan and execute the Conference when it will be held in Korea in 2011!

2010 KASC Sites:

  • American University, DC
  • University of Pennsylvania, PA
  • University of Michigan, MI
  • Stanford University, CA

This year’s Roundtable topics include:

  • The ABC’s of Education: Exploration of Education
  • War and Peace: An Analysis of Differing Perceptions
  • The Green Life Movement: Social Movement of Going Green
  • U.S. and Korea in the News: Media for Cultural Understanding
  • Korea in 50 States: The Evolution of National Identity

Although many participants will be Asian Studies and East Asian Studies majors, this is not a requirement.  All types of students from any field and level of study are welcome at the conference.  Knowledge of the Korean language is not required.

For applications or more information, please visit www.iscdc.org, or e-mail kasc@iscdc.org.

KASC is a program of International Student Conferences, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace by furthering mutual understanding, friendship, and trust through international student interchange.

The deadline is March 5th, 2010.