Library Sciences professor from India

University of Alabama Libraries, Capstone International Programs, School of Library and Information Studies, and
SLA-Alabama Chapter

Invites you to come and listen to Dr. P.K. Jain

Library Director at Institute of Economic Growth
University of Delhi

Wednesday, June 16th

1:30 – 3:00 p.m., Room 401, Gorgas Library

“LIS Education in India: Challenges and Opportunities”

The Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) is an autonomous, multidisciplinary Centre for advanced research and training. Widely recognized as a Centre of excellence, it is one of India’s leading academic institutions in the fields of economic and social development. Established in 1958, its faculty of about 30 social scientists (economists, demographers and sociologists) and a large body of supporting research staff focus on emerging and often cutting-edge areas of social and policy concern.