Modern China in Cinema

Presented by Honors College, Housing and Residential Communities, and Asian Studies.

THE EVOLUTION OF THE FIFTH GENERATION THROUGH THE FILMS OF CHEN KAIGE AND ZHANG YIMOU will consist of four films shown in November at 8 pm in Riverside Community Center Media Room. The films are

Wed. 9th Nov. – Yellow Earth (1984), dir. Chen Kaige
A film lauded for beginning a new style of cinema in China, set in the 1930’s, tells the haunting story of a peasant girl on the banks of the Yellow River who dreams for a life beyond poverty.
Tues. 15th Nov. – Red Sorghum (1987), dir. Zhang Yimou
A class tale of revenge, banditry and passion set in the Chinese countryside in the midst of the Sino-Japanese war that features the legendary Gong Li in her first role.
Tues. 22nd Nov. – Sacrifice (2010), dir. Chen Kaige
Chan Kaige’s most recent film is a historic epic of tragedy, betrayal and revenge.
Mon. 28th Nov. – Under the Hawthorn Tree (2010), dir. Zhang Yimou
A moving tale of Forbidden love during the Cultural Revolution that was the most recent hit for Zhang Yimou.

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