Two courses on history of Asia

China, Korea, and Japan play significant roles in contemporary geopolitics and economic developments. In Spring 2019, UA will offer two courses related to the history of these areas.

Asian History Since 1400 (HY 114) is an introductory and comparative survey of modern Asian history that focuses on China, Korea, and Japan. We will examine major political, social, economic, and military issues that have shaped Asia from 1400 to the present. One goal of this course is to understand the evolution of sociopolitical structure in each country; a second goal is the study of the long-lasting interactions among these countries as well as their contact with the West. This course counts towards the HY Core requirement.

History of Contemporary China (HY 370) provides a general but analytical introduction to the development of China during the 20th century. We will review key revolutions that transformed China from a dynastic empire to a western-style nation-state—firstly Republic of China in 1912 and then People’s Republic of China in 1949. And we will examine the impact on everyday life brought by politico-economic development.


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