Upcoming documentary film series

The Immortal Life Across Cultures: A Documentary Series Exploring Women’s Agency and Civil Rights around the World



7pm, 205 Gorgas Library

Working Women of the World (France/US, Dir. Marie France Collard, 2002, 53 mins.)

This documentary engages with the stories of women in Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey, Belgium and France who are responsible for the labor that fuels the circulation of global capital and free trade, but who are all too often unseen and exploited.



7pm, 205 Gorgas Library

In Search of Lin Zhao’s Soul (China/US, Dir. Hu Jie, 2004, 115 mins.)

During China’s chaotic Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), Lin Zhao spoke up for civil rights, and was imprisoned and eventually died for them. Director Hu Jie recovers her story, and in doing so brings to light forgotten stories from this tumultuous period and the difficulties in accessing them.



7pm, 205 Gorgas Library

Pink Saris (UK/India, Dir. Kim Longinotto, 2010, 96 mins.)

After being married off as a child bride, Sampat Pal has struggled for agency and respect in her family, and has extended her call for women’s rights to her broader community through creating the Pink Gang. This film follows Sampat in her role as a community mediator of everyday challenges faced by women in contemporary India.


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